Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Another Crewman

Just a quick update for today. Here is another crewman, I finished up to join with Big Red on her adventures in the Ghost Archipelago. It's another figure from the female crewman pack sculpted by Bobby Jackson. 

I thought she was looking a little plain, so I decided she needed an 'eye-catching' shield. Digging through my decals, I found this one on a sheet of hoplite shield designs. I had to cut it down to fit, but, now that its on there, it's hard to tell that it wasn't designed for it.


  1. Eye see nothing wrong with it ...

  2. Makes me think of Conan and the Red Brotherhood stories

  3. I like the shield! It catches the 'eye'...

  4. That face is really nicely done, both painting and sculpt. I don't need more figures, but the female crew are ever so tempting...