Monday 1 April 2019

Temple of Madness - Print-on-Demand

For Rangers of Shadow Deep fans who love paper - good news!

Temple of Madness is now available print-on-demand from

That's really all I've got to say today.


  1. We are hooked Joseph! I play with my sons and we have a blast! Somehow we have bumbled our way to level 3 so far! We just bought the PDF and hard copy of Temple of Madness, and look forward to playing this as well!

  2. I've got mine on order. Thank you for continuing to support this game with new material.

  3. It's on my wishlist 😁, as a gift to myself when I finish the other scenarios (after I finally got everything painted).

  4. Another fine set of scenarios. I have played this twice now, and the heroes prevailed twice, although the second (slightly) weaker group only managed it by the skin of their teeth. Enough variation between rooms to keep things fresh and exciting.

    A couple of possible corrections: notes 738 and 739 are out of numerical order; the encounter table on page 35 makes no reference to shadow knights, whilst the experience list does, perhaps entry 12-14 is in error. I notice there are cunning impossible to reach notes: are we being suspected of peaking?

    Ghost Stone sounds highly promising; after that, it would be nice to have an infiltration and rescue mission. I can think of a candidate.