Friday 29 March 2019

Sgt. Mattius Kairn

Just finished painting my third volunteer for Operation: Last Train. This figure uses a mix of pieces. The legs, arms, and backpack come from Victoria Miniatures, while the torso and head come from Anvil Industries. I also added a GW grenade and pouches for visual interest.

Sgt. Mattius Kairn is a member of the 12th Kothian Genadiers, a storied regiment with numerous battle honours. Some years ago, when still just a private, Mattius was horrifically scarred by acid. Due to this scarring, he prefers to wear a hazmat-mask into battle, even when not strictly necessary. A specialist in hand-to-hand combat, there are a few that whisper that Mattius has a death-wish. These rumours were only enhanced when he volunteered to join the Operation.

Regardless of Sgt. Kairns motivations, there are none who have fought with him who doubt his courage and his devotion to the men under his command.

Painting this figure started in frustration. I made a couple of attempts to paint a tartan, but both failed, so I gave up and just made the kilt green. Thankfully, the rest of the painting experience proved enjoyable. It’s fun painting light colours over a dark red background as you get some really good contrast. Also the ‘eyes’ of the mask came out really well.

Another very pleasing addition to the Operation.


  1. Trying to paint tartan ... that way lies madness. A Black Watch figure lies deep in the recesses of the unfinished pile of shame, never to see the light of day again.

  2. Never tried Tartan...
    That way lies madness.

    Dark green conveys the effect well enough, and I do like the mask. Good stuff.

  3. Smashing work. The drab kilt is nicely indicative of a grim era of modern warfare. No need to march towards the enemy all spanking in red and tartan; far better to hunker down in the mud and rank grass where your foes cannot see you.

  4. I agree with the comments above.
    A fabulous looking miniature.