Wednesday 25 September 2019

Cartoon Joe & A Ghost Archipelago Scenario

This month’s issue of Wargames Illustrated contains a piece I wrote called ‘A Wargame Designer’s Day’ which is about – believe it or not – how I spend my working day. What I wasn’t expecting was for the piece to be illustrated with a little cartoon of me working at my computer, riding my bike, and playing wargames.

In truth, it is a rather good likeness, even if my hair isn’t quite so long at the moment. I’m not sure who the illustrator is, but my compliments to him!

Also included in the issue is a new scenario I wrote for Ghost Archipelago to give myself even more excuse to use the Rangers of Shadow Deep giant fly models!

It’s a jam-packed issue and even comes with a sprue of the new, plastic Napoleonic ships for Warlord’s forthcoming Black Seas game. (These are really cool!)

You can order the issue from North Star or direct from Wargames Illustrated.


  1. Congratulations! Cool to become art �� btw, if you didn't know who the illustrator was, how did you know they were a guy?

    1. You are right, of course, I have no idea. So my compliments to her or him!