Monday 30 September 2019

Grim Man of a Somber Race

I have just finished painting up the last of the official Rangers of Shadow Deep ranger figures. I seriously enjoyed painting this one. There was just something about the detailing that felt so right under my brush.

I purposely left his eyes dark, and mixing that with his long hair and dark beard gives him an especially grim aspect. I was reminded of a line in the Robert E. Howard poem, ‘The One Black Stain’, which I used as the title of this blog post. That line refers to the character Solomon Kane, but I think works well for this ranger as well. (Give the poem a listen, it's got some great lines.)

I actually feel a bit sad that I have painted all of the rangers that Bobby Jackson has so far sculpted for the range. Hopefully, they’ll be some more in the future. In the meantime, I’ve still got some of the baddies from the range to paint up.


  1. That's a smashing mini and you've given it a really neat paint job.

  2. Nice. Look forward to a group shot of them all painted up together.