Tuesday 17 September 2019

Mr. Lulu

My son (3 years old) wandered into my office, pointed at my bookshelf and said:

'Can I have Mr. Lulu.'

I had no idea what he was referring to. The dinosaur? The mech? The Chimera? After a little bit of trial and error, I discovered he was referring to the knit Cthulhu doll that sits on top of the shelf.

Considering my daughter (5 years old) calls him 'Mr. Squidface', I'm not sure how he got that close to the name...

Mr. Lulu was hand-knitted by my sister. No she doesn't sell them... we'll, I guess if you offered her enough she might.


  1. Boys are all trainee geeks so he must have learnt from his master Obi Wan Joe! A bit of Google searching and you can get the pattern for £3 and knitted ones for £31. Not as nice as your sisters one though. On an aside I have found a knitted Cthulhu mas for dogs.... there is a potential Christmas present her I think.

  2. Saying Cthulhu and Mr Lulu together and I can see where he's coming from.

    So there you have, from now on, we can only think of him as Mr Lulu, I suppose.

  3. "The Call of Mr Lulu"? That sounds like a good starting point for a Halloween scenario.

  4. Cultists!... Cultists everywhere!!! :)