Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Gyer Gimblefoot

I just finished painting up this little guy, and while I’m extremely proud of the paint job, I can’t seem to capture him well in photograph. Please forgive the small photograph - anything above actual size massively shows off the imperfections in the paint job!

I bought this Reaper miniature because I was re-reading The Hobbit, because it was sculpted by Bobby Jackson, and because it just looked really fun to paint. I admit, I had no specific need for it. Now that I’ve got him though, I think he might get the call the next time my Ranger (of Shadow Deep) needs a thief companion or maybe even a recruit.

I’ve christened him Gyer Gimblefoot because I think it’s a great name for an adventuring Hobbit!

I actually wanted to buy both the metal and the Bones Black version at the same time and try painting them side-by-side to see how much of a difference I felt between the two materials while I painted; unfortunately, Reaper was sold out of the bones version when I ordered. I may try the experiment with another figure later.


  1. He looks good but if criticism is welcome the eyes look a bit odd. I can't paint that small so my minis just have a dark strip.

    1. They eyes look odd because they only have whites, no pupils. That said, this is also one of the differences between a photo where that detail is much clearer than it is on the actual figure. Also a function of the camera being at the exact level of the figure, which human eyes rarely are.

  2. That's a great mini, and a top-notch paint job. The eyes give him a sort of Tin-tin style innocence.

  3. Also, Gimblefoot is a great name for a nimble treasure-hunter.