Wednesday, 2 October 2019


(Click the Photo for a better look!)

Having finished painting all of the Rangers for Rangers of Shadow Deep, I felt compelled to share a ‘Team Shot’.

Look, I know I am biased, but I really, really loved painting these figures. Not only do I just love painting rangers, but these Bobby Jackson sculpts are some of the best. I’ve realized, recently, that the works of some miniature sculptors are just more fun to paint than others. Not necessary because the miniature looks better, but because of some inherent trait in the sculpting. It seems to revolve around both the level of detail, not too much, not too little, but also the depth of that detail. Bobby Jackson sculpts in such a way that the brush has an easier time catching the detail, which reduces frustration while painting. This extends beyond his work on Rangers as I am currently painting up one of his Reaper figures and it is very apparent there as well.

So, thanks again to Nick at North Star and to Bobby Jackson for producing such a great, fun to paint, set of miniatures to accompany my game. Now onto the bad guys!


  1. Very cool, great paint jobs and collection Joe! You are spot on with regards to the miniature sculpt/sculptor and painting dynamic. I paint a few versions of every single miniature I sculpt so I get a feel for the actual painters experience, it seriously influences my own miniature design and sculpture. I find a lot of new sculptors go for detail overload, especially if they are sculpting digitally, and the miniatures are horrible to paint. Plastic miniatures can sometimes be too flat and lack detail because of the injection moulding limitations. Somewhere in the middle is best, and these figures hit that mark!

    1. I'm a huge fan of simple, effective sculpts (Mark Copplestone being a case in point).

  2. Cool! You've got a great painting style.

  3. These look fantastic, Joe!