Friday, 4 October 2019

Spellcaster 5 is Available!

After a bit of a hiatus, Spellcaster: The Frostgrave Magazine has returned! Whether you are interested in exploring the Frozen Ruins or the Lost Isles, this issue has something for you. It includes:

·       Rules for higher level Heritors, including 4 legendary soldiers for Ghost Archipelago.
·       Rules for monster hunting in the Frozen City, including individual experience points rewards for all of the official creatures, as well as claiming bounties on these monsters such as spell components.
·       Barbarian Hack – a solo, quick-play, miniature, dice-rolling, print-and-play board game set in a dungeon beneath the Frozen City.
·       8 new Ulterior Motive cards for Ghost Archipelago.
·       2 new legendary soldiers for Frostgrave.
·        A solo dragon-hunting scenario.
·       A Frostgrave ‘Big Game’ scenario.
·       A Frostgrave scenario set in the breeding pits.

The new issue is now available in PDF on DriveThruRPG. A print-on-demand version will be following along soon, hopefully within a couple of weeks.


  1. Once the POD is available, it'll be on order!

  2. Solo dragon hunting ! Now given the destruction they do to an entire party I am looking forward to one character having ago, Call my character Bard the Bowman. More solo rules can only be a good thing, my barbarian complete with the Frazetta patented furry nappy and overly large sword is ready to go.

  3. Too bad it is too late for entering the contest but still love the latest issue.

    1. ooopss. Go ahead and enter!

    2. np, I submitted the entry but it was fun just to do the research.

  4. I love the "Rules for monster hunting in the Frozen City" and hope they get incorporated so that now you will have treasure and a reason to go after a monster. Would be cool to have a random bounty list at the start of a game and should one of those monster spawn everyone has a reason to attack the monster as well. Now, suddenly you have multiple objectives, what do you do? Can't wait to try that rule.

  5. Barbarian hack sounds mighty interesting.
    But What is a Frostgrave "Big Game"???