Friday 28 February 2020


Sometime last year, Reaper miniatures released three packs of wraiths, containing a total of 6 different figures. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted them for my Nazgûl.

The figures are produced in a translucent green plastic, which I suppose gives them a kind of spectral look, but it also makes it hard to see the wonderful detail on the figures. Anyway, I wanted my Nazgûl mostly black, so I sprayed them with black primer.

I’ll admit, the painting process on these figures wasn’t the most interesting. Dark metal highlighted up to shiny metal, with a bit of wash, and black cloaks highlighted up to grey. I painted the rocks they are floating over a uniform yellow, partly to tie them all together, but mainly to give them a bit more colour and contrast. The truth is, it doesn't take a highly skilled painter to make these figures look great.
The 6 as they come in the packs.
The only challenging part of the project was that there were only 6 different wraiths, and I needed nine. I could have just painted up 3 of them twice, but I wanted each one to be unique – so I did weapon swaps on three of them. 

One had its axe head replaced with an even more vicious looking one. Another had its sword replaced with an axe. The third – my favourite – gave up both of its swords and gained a brutal looking cleaver like weapon (from the Ghost Archipelago Snake-man kit). All-and-all, I’m really happy with this conversions, and with the look of my nine overall!

The 3 Conversions


  1. Great work!

    I'm surprised you didn't pick up "Murkillor, Wraith King of the Dark Moors" (SKU 07390). He's metal, but he's a beauty.

    Oh, and there's some mounted wraiths coming in Reaper's new Kickstarter.

  2. Those are cool minis and your paint job makes them pop. Where did you get the rocks from?

  3. Nice job, did you make the stone pillars or did you use a kit?

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    2. It's super effective! The ring wraiths followed this diet and look at how much weight THEY lost!

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  6. I ordered a pack of each of these today to use in Frostgrave as the reaper mini I'd painted is more a ghost/spectre mini than a wraith.