Wednesday 18 March 2020


Here is the latest member of my Rangers of Shadow Deep warband. I’ll be using him an arcanist. He's even brought his giant 'Book of Lore'. He’s another wonderful Bobby Jackson sculpt and fits in perfectly with my ranger, and the official Rangers minis.

I actually waited a long time to add this guy. I first saw him in Reaper Bones about mid-last year, but I knew I wanted him in metal. So, I waited several months for him to be released in metal, only to watch it immediately go out of stock in the UK. So, I waited, and a month or so later, he came back in stock, and I jumped on it!

I gave him the green/brown paint job to match the rest of the band. His shadowed face, and his broad robes given him quite a presence when standing with the other members of the band.

I am still in the market for an herbalist (sneak preview – coming in the next Rangers supplement) and a recruit, but haven’t identified figures for either of them yet, so I’ll probably swap over to my Ghost Archipelago warband for a bit.


  1. ...I always read that as 'anarchist' at first glance.

    I'm liking this little run of spell casters.

  2. That is a lovely mini, and the muted paint job you've given your warband suits his look. I imagine him standing in the shadows and muttering, "The Horror... the Horror..."

  3. I love that paint job. He looks like he's seriously ready to push back the Shadow Deep! #FreeLorenthia!

  4. Nice painting !!
    Otherworld's druid could fit well for the herbalist.

  5. Lovely understated figure, with an excellent paint job as usual. He certainly seems important, without having to wave any weapons around or have a giant back banner...