Monday 16 March 2020

Spellcaster Ranger

I am slowly assembling my go-to Rangers of Shadow Deep warband, and have just finished up painting this figure to use for my conjuror. It’s actually a figure of Nesra, from the official Rangers line. After several years of painting fancy Frostgrave wizards, it’s nice to take a break and paint a more practically dressed spellcaster!


  1. Great model and great paint job!

  2. Ooh, that's a nice mini. You paint job really does a great job of differentiating the various parts of the model.

  3. Great paint job. How'd you do your shading? How'd you do your eyes?

    1. I applied a thin black wash between each layer. The eyes are just black dots.

  4. Fine job. I was delighted when the Nesra figure was advertised, as the original illustration in Ghost Stone was excellent, clearly female, but someone who was actually dressed for a battle, and feisty. The Lord Arklin figure is also very good. My favourite of recent purchases is the Ogre: wonderfully detailed.