Thursday 25 June 2020

Discovering the Hobby!

Circa 1990. Me and my first gaming buddy, Peter K, gearing up for a game in my parent’s dining room. Visible on the table is a box lid for Silent Death, a contemporary copy of White Dwarf, and numerous miniatures. The miniatures appear to all be original Rogue Trader era plastic Space Marines or Imperial Guard. Peter is flipping through a White Dwarf compendium.

Now I’m pretty sure, at that time, neither of us actually possessed the Rogue Trader rules, but we just kind of made it up as well went along.

That yellow thing to one side is what passed for ‘terrain’ in those days.

I see I am wearing a TARDIS t-shirt (before it was cool!).


  1. Ahh Silent Death! The memories of the big 300 & then 500 ship games at the conventions with the Ottawa Red Shirts! Great you have these photos of your gaming past Joe!

  2. That's a real vision of the past.

  3. Silent Death was a fun game, but ultimately I felt a bit disappointed with space combat in 2 dimensions. I thought the mechanics were better suited for terrestrial skirmish games. Unfortunately I never got to play Bladestorm, which is exactly that,but it still has a spot on my bookshelf.

  4. I actually preferred keeping it 2D, as I tend to find 3D adds a lot of rules, but little fun. Bladestorm was a good game, but the mechanics felt a bit strange once you started using units of figures.

    1. I really enjoyed playing "Full Thrust", which was more like a sea battle than a space battle; which meant that it exactly captured the feel of most popular sci-fi space battles :D The simple rule that you couldn't fire in to your rear arc add so much tactical fun. I played a later version too, that allowed for "realistic" spaceship movement (so you could pivot but maintain your current vector), but that was a lot less involving for me.