Wednesday 8 March 2023

Rangers of Shadow Deep: Tenebrous Citadel available PDF

I am extremely pleased to announce that Rangers of Shadow Deep: Tenebrous Citadel is now available in PDF (with print on demand to follow in a week or so).

This ten-scenario mission completes the Rescue trilogy. It's the players' biggest opportunity to strike a major blow against the Shadow Deep... but it also contains the scariest monster I have ever included in an a scenario, and its not even that snake on the cover!

You can get the first two parts of the trilogy here:

Across the Wastes

Dungeons Dark


  1. We had the Razorwing in the core rulebook adventure; something (much) worse is highly appropriate for the finale of a trilogy which has impressed me thus far. Looking forward to it.

  2. Northstar make minis for this book?
    I read it "Dragonslayer" it's for later? ;)

  3. Hi Joe, are there plans to release a collected edition of "The Rescue"?