Tuesday, 5 September 2023

Crew Recruits


With three members of my new Stargrave crew complete, I recruited a few more from figures I already had painted. The figure on the far left comes from the Stargrave Cyborg pack. I'm going to use him as a burner in my crew, as that arm cannon looks like it would make a perfect plasma thrower. The other three guys are all assembled from the plastic Stargrave Crew set, and really highlights the diverse figures you can make from the box. 

The guy with the red leather jacket is going to be my chisler. He's got his cutting tool in his left hand, ready to break open any crates or safes. In the orange is my pilot. Well, he'll actually start as a recruit, but when I can afford it, I will upgrade him to an apprentice (pilot), which will be explained in the forthcoming supplement Stargrave: Bold Endeavour. He'll be helping out with the time machine controls, but mainly he's around for when other piloting is necessary, as seems to be the case in a lot of space opera adventures. Finally, we've got the team medic. Again, he'll start as a recruit until enough credits are obtained to upgrade him. 

Is it coincidence that they are all facing the same way, or do I have a natural inclination to make figures face to the right? 

With these guys on the team, I just need three more figures to fill it out.


  1. The pilot looks like he's wearing a starfighter pilot uniform from a well know film franchise! The one in the red jacket reminds me of Star Lord from Guardians Of The Galaxy

  2. Great stuff. The funny thing is that they are all looking the wrong way. The Ventrilomorph is sneaking up on them from their left.