Friday, 1 September 2023

Royal Guardsman


I was playing around with some bits from the Frostgrave Knights box set and the new Stargrave Scavengers box and assembled a 'knight with automatic weapon'. I didn't have any plans for him, wasn't even sure I was going to keep him... and then I started to paint him. I used the same blue I had on Queen Valdea. I started thinking he was one of her royal guardsmen. I gave him a shining silver breastplate, greaves, helmet, and elbow guards. 

There is something very Doctor Who-ish about a futuristic knight, which fits right into the warband I'm building. By the end of painting, he had earned a place on the team. So, I revised my Queen Valdea story a bit - she was rescued, along with a single member of her royal guard! 


  1. All I can imagine when I see a fancy royal guard in sf is the intro to Dance of the Fates from Auralnauts' Jedi Party: "I want a Zima." "Make sure everybody has Zimas!"

    Sadly, the Sith he's pointing that gun at is not armed with a glowstick to better show off his dance skills.

  2. These would work equally well in the new Osprey post apocalyptic skirmish game The Doomed

  3. I think that he is an excellent conversion with a splendid back story ready in the wings I am sure. Looking forward to seeing the next member of this motley crew…
    Alan Tradgardland

  4. I see what you mean about the Dr Who vibe. I can also see him protecting the queen from the various protagonists of the Flash Gordon setting. If she ends up with a space ship, please make it take off in circles in a shower of sparks.

  5. Oh, that is excellent.