Monday 11 September 2023

Mining Robot


This fantastic figure is the Mining Robot that was released in support of Stargrave: The Last Prospector. I have no immediately need for such a figure... but it just looked so much fun to paint! I gave it a pretty basic paint job. Started with khaki, washed it, highlighted it, filled in a few little details. The biggest thing was adding the hazard stripes. I love the thought that even in the Ravaged Galaxy, or a galaxy far, far away, people still use hazard stripes. It's about safety, people!

This robot makes a great crewmember, adversary, or terrain piece, so I can see it getting onto the table in a lot of different scenarios.

The other figure is part of my colonial marines, assembled from the plastic Stargrave Mercenaries II box set. I can't remember if I've showed her before. That project is slowly developing. I need just one more figure to have the 5 complete fireteams I want for my company.


  1. In a galaxy far, far away there may be hazard stripes. but no railings
    :D Great minis.

    1. Lovely work! And railings are for the weak!

  2. The sad fact is that the mining robot's hands meant he would never be able to follow its dreams of becoming a close-up magician. 😄

  3. Great figure, nicely painted - looking forward to seeing them in action

  4. Some little red triangles painted on the arms (perhaps with little skulls in them, if you the decals from any 40K set) could look like danger or warning stickers.