Friday 15 September 2023


I have really been enjoying Ahsoka on Disney+, and so I thought I might assemble myself a little Jedi figure. 

The body and arms for this figure come from the Stargrave Scavengers Box set. The right arm is actually a zombie arm but its got such a great hand that looks like its doing force tricks. Thankfully, the zombie aspects of the arm are so minimal that you can just paint over them. 

For the left arm, I took an arm and cut away the hand weapon it was holding. Then I drilled out the hand, and glued in a piece cut from a large paperclip. I had to use a little greenstuff to reposition the arm just slightly. 

The head comes from the Stargrave Mercenaries set.

Painting was a fun, uncomplicated experience. I wanted to give him Jedi-ish robes, though with a tad more colour than is usual. I gave him green skin, because it contrasts so nicely with the brown coat. To add a bit more colour I gave him some magenta spots on his head and at the end of his head tentacles. 

I have no idea how to paint a lightsaber. Since they are perfect cones, you can't really layer or highlight in the normal way. I'm sure their are youtube tutorials, but I couldn't be bothered. So, I mainly painted it light blue and gave it a coat of gloss varnish. The camera angles make the lightsaber appear bigger than it actually is.

I had enough fun with this that I might just have to make him a padawan... Or maybe not. It's all a bit of fun, with no specific need.


  1. Tip top work, Joe. At first I actually though it was a Star Wars Legion figure I hadn't realised had been released. LOL!!

  2. I like him very much - has a Zoidberg feel.

  3. That is excellent. The Northstar ranges do provide such a rich kit bashing environment.

  4. Well done indeed. The "graves" kits offer so many fun possibilities.

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