Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Cool Night for Softball

The rain went away, and though the sun never actually came out in Oxford, still we took the field for a night of softball. It was another mixed-teams night and, once again, I served as captain for my squad.

For the first time all season, I played most of a game at second base. This is probably my ‘natural’ position, or at least the position that probably best suits my skills. As if to reinforce that point, I had a very good night in the field, including one inning where I made all three outs.

At the plate, I had a decent night, going 3 for 6, with three singles. Two of those weren’t the greatest of hits, but then some of my outs were on hard hit balls, so I suppose it really does even out.

Those three hits bring my Oxford career total up to 99. I’m sure that won’t be going through my head in the next game...

Career Hits: 99

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