Saturday, 13 July 2013

Zombies can be Beautiful

Yesterday, I received my advance author copy of Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide (Deluxe Edition). Essentially it is the same as the original version, but with a beautiful new binding.

I fear its attractiveness hasn’t fully come across in the photograph. I’ve only got a camera phone to work with at the moment. The book is hardback, bound in black leather. The exterior page edges are covered in gilt silver, and the all of the text on both the cover and spine are embossed with gilt silver. The bar code on the back has been printed on a sticker, which actually looks quite classy, but can be removed. It’s a very attractive package, and the production team at Osprey really deserve some credit for making such a beautiful book.

Inside, the book features jet black end papers. The original cover, which was pretty good to begin with, is reproduced inside. Otherwise, the insides are the same as the first edition. The book is really crammed with zombie artwork and relevant photographs.

The other big news about this book is that I will be doing a signing at Forbidden Planet! The book is officially released on 20 September in the UK. The day before, Thursday 19 September, I will be at Forbidden Planet in London at 6 PM signing copies if anyone would like to swing by. If you can’t make it to the signing, don’t fear! Forbidden Planet is taking orders forsigned copies. I’ll sign these on the night of the signing and then they will be shipped out. They are also offering the book at a 20% discount, so £12 for a leather-bound, zombie guide.

If you have any interest in zombies, or beautiful books, or know someone who does, please pick up a copy.


  1. Woohoo! I'll be getting my signed copy shipped to Australia. Brilliant work Joe, and congratulations on the deluxe edition. :)