Friday, 19 July 2013

Miniature Friday – Historicon Special

As was my plan, I opened up my Historicon buying with a bit of Battletech. I don’t actually play the game at the moment, and may never use those rules, but I have been thinking about playing some 6mm science-fiction with big stompy robots for awhile. Since this is one of the few miniature wargaming genres that is much more popular in the USA than the UK, Historicon is a perfect chance to pick up some stuff.

Now, my one problem with Battletech is that the aesthetic of a lot of their mechs just doesn’t appeal to me. There are a few I like and might pick up, but many of their giant robots look gangly to me. So, I started off my Mech forces by picking up a couple of Mechs from the Reaper Cav series.

Next, I got a little pack of decals of the sword and sun symbol of House Davion, one of the major empires in the Battletech universe. I just think they have one of the coolest emblems. In the past, I haven’t had a lot of luck with decals, but I’m looking forward to giving them another shot.

Finally, I picked up a trio of used Battletech novels. These are not high literature, but if you want to read books about big robots shooting each other up, then your options are limited. They were cheap enough that I don’t mind pitching them if they aren’t any good, but I know that I’m much more likely to get my mechs painted if I’m reading related books at the same time.

Well, that was Thursday. Successfully reserved, I thought, only buying two actual miniatures. If I can keep my miniature acquisitions down to that level, I should be fine.

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