Monday 22 January 2018

Castellans of Dol Guldur

Here's a couple of servants of evil that I recently fished out of my lead pile. These guys were produced for The Lord of the Rings: Fall of the Necromancer supplement that came out many years ago. Basically, these guys are like budget Nazgul - just empty suits of armour, held together by Sauron's power. I love the models. I love the concept. I did not love painting them. Like painting Nazgul, these guys are just kind of dull when it comes to the brush. Silver and black with little detail to provide colour breaks.

Still, I'm glad to have them done and in my collection as they really are cool figures.

Now that The Hobbit movies have come out and given a new vision of Dol Guldur, complete with new Nazgul, I don't know if these guys have any place in the official game. Oh well, I liked The Fall of the Necromancer's take on Dol Guldur better than the one in the movie anyway.


  1. Sweet paint job! And yep, they still have an official place in the game - they are in the Mordor sourcebook which is still current.

  2. I agree, i liked The Fall of the Necromancer's take better as well, it had more depth and the scenarios inside gave a good narrative with actual armies clashing outside the old fortress.

  3. These are great figures very characters 😀

  4. Those are super minis. If you find yourself painting some more "undead" like this, maybe you could try using a little teal paint as a wash to simulate verdigris on any bronze bits to add a splash of colour. Of course teal verdigris can be nicely offset by some orange corrosion too.