Wednesday 31 January 2018

Mirika Semova

Having finished Yelen Semova a few days ago, I went straight into painting her sister, the young, talented chronomancer, Mirika.

Like Yelen, I started by sawing Mirika off her integral base and gluing her onto a GW style base. I’m getting better at this technique and really liking the results. Also, like Yelen, I wanted to paint Mirika more-or-less as she appears on the cover of Second Chances.

This immediately presented me with a problem. On the cover, Mirika is wearing a shirt that is decorated with lots of little flowers… my painting skills are definitely not up to free-handing a bunch of miniscule flowers. Instead, I gave the shirt a yellow-green base coat and then decorated it with little splotches of red and yellow, in the hopes that I could simulate the look. I always find it daunting to paint anything using this approach, such as camouflage, where you use irregular splotches of different colours semi-layered on top of one another. It tends to look terrible while you are painting it, like you’ve completely lost control of the brush, but hopefully, when the final colour is put on, it all sort of comes together.

You can make your own mind-up how it worked here, but personally, I think it came out well, especially on the front, where there is less of her shirt visible. The back looks a little more polka-dot, but I still think it works well enough there. The rest of the model was more straight forward. It’s a very bright and colourful outfit (as befits the character).

So, very happy with these little models. The sisters are ready to take on the dangers of Frostgrave


  1. It looks good to me! The dot pattern is really all you need, unless people are going to take a magnifying glass to them. The scarf and fur around Yelen's collar turned out excellent, too.

  2. Turned out very nicely, they make an interesting couple of miniatures :-)