Wednesday 10 January 2018


Earlier this week, I got frustrated with my painting. I had been pressuring myself to get some stuff done, and it was taking all of the fun out of it. So, instead, I threw 80% of my lead pile into a box and stuck the box at the top of my closet. Out of sight, out of mind, I hope.

Of the remaining figures, I selected just two to put on top of my painting table - a pair of warriors of Lamedon from The Lord of the Rings range. I had painted the third figure in the pack nearly a year ago, but for some reason never got back round to these two.

With only these two figures to focus on, I was astounded by how quickly (and how enjoyably) I blasted through them. I had one minor set-back, when I realized I was out of white paint, the colour I had been intending for their cloaks, but I just painted them red instead. Actually, I think the red looks better. The original guy with the white cloak can be an officer or chosen man or something.

Having finished up these proud warriors, I have selected just three more figures to stare at me from the painting table. Hopefully, I will have just as much fun working on them.


  1. Lovely!

    I like how you've distanced these from their Highlander origins to better fit the aesthetic of LotR.

  2. Well, that's partly because I couldn't face painting plaid...but yeah, I think this works better with the aesthetic.

  3. Beautiful figures and great scenery!

  4. Very nice. The Gondor State troops or whatever they were called had some of the best miniatures in it. Especially the Axemen

  5. Smashing stuff, nicely painted :-)

  6. It sounded like this post was going to start with ... a complaint!

    But it quickly went positive. Good job with those two guys, they look great!