Thursday 18 October 2018

Battletech: Shadow Hawk

I have just finish painting my third mech from the new Battletech box set. This time, it’s a Shadow Hawk. This has always been one of my favourite mechs for several reasons. First ‘Shadow Hawk’ is just an awesome name. Two, the Shadow Hawk was depicted on the cover of the City Tech rulebook – the first Battletech book I actually owned. And, finally, even before I was aware of the existence of Battletech I owned a little plastic Shadow Hawk toy. It wasn’t a miniature, but came, I think, in a bag of cheap plastic robots. I think the original Shadow Hawk was based on a robot in an old anime, and I guess that little toy was based on the same thing.

I have no idea what happened to that little plastic toy, but now I’ve got this shiny new little plastic toy! Like his brothers, he’s painted up in the red and blue of the Fire Hawks Legion (which makes him a Shadow Fire Hawk…which is starting to sound like a balrog).

Interestingly, in the group shot above, you can see how much shinier the Thunderbolt is than the other two – a result of me still learning to use the ‘Anti-Shine Matt Varnish’. I fear I put much to thick a coat on the Thunderbolt. Oh well, I’m learning.

Also just visible in the photos is the new hexed battlemat I got from Cigar BoxBattles, perfect for Battletech and Ogre. I’ll be showing it off and talking a bit more about it in future posts.


  1. " I think the original Shadow Hawk was based on a robot in an old anime, and I guess that little toy was based on the same thing."

    The full story behind what happened with those is a rather painful part of Battletech history, and the 'joys' or otherwise of lawyers and intellectual property arguments... explains it all pretty well.

  2. Those are fine looking models. The shared colour scheme bring them together beautifully. The Vardian People's Brigade needs some nice new plastics too.

  3. Looks great!
    Citytech was my first BTech book too :-)

  4. Chris Montgomery24 October 2018 at 13:22

    That's a beaut, Clark! I divided my Intro Box Set models up into two roughly-equal Alpha Strike point companies. The Kurita ones are done (red, of course!) and the Davion company I went with a simple grey/brown color. Not thrilled with it, but not backing up now! Great to see that you are into BattleTech . . . makes me like you more than I already do for designing Frostgrave.

  5. He looks amazing. I'm currently getting back into Battletech (still waiting for my box sets though :) ), hoping to be able to play it with my kids. Your colourscheme is definitely an inspiration.