Wednesday 31 October 2018

Warriors of Alladore

Gearing up for the release of Rangers of Shadow Deep (hopefully a matter of days), I have painted up a couple more warriors of Alladore. I don’t need these guys for my ranger’s companions, but there are a couple of scenarios where you essentially have allies.

Plus, I just wanted to finish off my first sprue of Oathmark humans. Sometimes, it is nice to paint understated fantasy figures, wearing simple armour without too may accoutrements or detail.

[Blogger really doesn't like my spelling of 'accoutrements', but I can't figure out why. Usually, its because I've used a British spelling, but I think this is the only spelling of accoutrements. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.]


  1. Beautiful! I just scored a sprue of Oathmark Humans in a trade with a mate so looking forward to using them in Rangers.

  2. Nice simple paint jobs, just the ticket. I like the `Not Tom Selleck' moustache on the figure on the right.

  3., the section 'Spelling Wars', has the likely explanation. Probably Blogger is using one of the 'popular American dictionaries' as it's reference... But I still think you are right no matter what those say!

    1. Hey Robert, many thanks for that link. Very interesting!

  4. Great miniatures... And you say that Rangers is going out in a short time? AWESOME!