Friday 4 January 2019

Auxiliary Companions

There wasn’t a huge amount of quiet time around my house during the holiday period, but I did find enough to paint up the four Auxiliary Companions I had made to use for Rangers of Shadow Deep: Blood Moon. If you’d like to read more about how these figures were built, you can read about that here.

I started by painting their leader, Nicholan. Since he comes from a wealthy, aristocratic background, I painted him in the standard uniform colours of the army of Alladore, complete with his ‘upper class’ red cloak. He doesn’t seem to have any eyes in the photo, but when viewed at true 28mm you can’t tell. I like this figure a lot and suspect he’ll managed to get into a lot of games beyond just the Blood Moon scenario.

Next up was Orla; she also got the standard Alladore colours. It’s great how easily the paint job can take these Frostgrave figures out of their cold environment and make them look at home in a more temperate climate.

Last came Covan and Seb. Since these guys are a bit farther removed from the standard army, I decided to play that up by having brown feature more heavily than green on both of them. That way they still feel like part of the same force, but more…auxiliary…

Once again, praise for the Anvil Industries heads that I used on the three men. While there is nothing wrong with the heads in either the Frostgrave or Oathmark boxes, it is nice to have some extra variety as a different head makes for a completely different figure and stretches those boxes even further.


  1. They Look great. I'm working on my companions now. I like the Barbarian.

  2. A wonderful group, love the colors...excellent work!

  3. The earthen tones work well on them, excellent job
    Happy new year by the way!

  4. Is Rangers of Shadow Deep primarily geared towards human warbands? I have some handfuls of dwarfs and elfs kicking around and have been looking for a good ruleset. I'm especially interested in RoSD because of the coop nature; I'd like to play with my kiddos.