Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Turn Counters

A lot of the scenarios I am writing these days call for the player, or players, to keep track of turns. Unfortunately, in the midst of a game, this isn’t something I’m very good at doing. So, in hopes of getting better, I made myself a couple of turn trackers that can double as small pieces of terrain.

I made one to use for Frostgrave and other urban/ruined settings, and another for Rangers of Shadow Deep and other more rural games.

For both of them, I started with a little ‘casualty marker’ from Warbases. These can be turned to display a number from 0 – 12. I then glued a figure on top of each. The statue of the woman is  a Reaper miniature. The blackbird on the branch comes from Warbases, in a great little pack of ravens.

Both got a quick paint job and some simple basing and were ready to go.

In truth, even with these on the table, I will probably forget to use them, but they please me none-the-less!


  1. Nice, Joe. I'm with you -- I bring all sorts of "useful" things to my gaming table and always forget to use them. Glad to know it's not just me.

    1. I'm so bad, I've started sticking a 6" ruler in every figure case I've got otherwise I'll never remember a measure device.

  2. I use knitting row counters to track turns (they are twist plastic with two dials numbered 0-9). You can get them in green plastic so they blend in OK.

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