Sunday 6 January 2019

Mechanized Infantry

It turns out, it is really difficult to photograph 6mm infantry, which is probably just as well as it is also really hard to paint 6mm infantry. All of that said, I gave it a go! Here are the first two squads of a mechanized infantry company that will support my Firehawks Legion Mechs.  (Actually, only one squad is actually pictured, but the other looks almost identical).

The infantry and APCs come from Brigade Models ‘Hammer’s Slammers’ line*. I like these because they are just a bit bigger than their other 6mm stuff and seem to fit better with the Battletech mechs. As you can see, they look great with a Locust looming over them.

* Saying that, I can't seem to find these specific minis on there, but similar ones are available.


  1. Really cool shot!
    Combined arms is the way to go in my opinion and looks so much more sensible compared to mech only lances.
    I've been searching for APCs that I like for my Davion rangers, these look perfect.

  2. Mechs are the undisputed kings of the battlefield but you will always need the infantry to shoot politicians and suppress the population that refuses to be ruled.

    I love combined arms as well. Nothing discourages rear shots like an infantry platoon 90m behind the mech. Enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work!