Friday 14 June 2019

The Agony of Defeat

It’s over! The painting contest between me and Teras has come to an end, and I have been crushingly defeated! The final vote tally was 85 – 45 in favour of Teras' tree-hugger of a bishop (#2)!

Now, I’ll admit it, I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw those great freehand-painted trees. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that I got as many votes as I did.

What is really interesting is that the votes cast on the Facebook page, 58 – 40, make it look like a close contest, yet the votes cast right here on my own blog went hugely against me 27 – 5, and one of those 5 votes was cast by my Mom! Has my painting style started to bore you all?

In truth, I suspect many people knew which figure was mine. I was struggling to come up with on a colour scheme and decided to base it on the can of golden syrup that I had risked in the contest – hence the dark green, gold and white. I realized this actually made him fit in with all of the Alladorean figures that I have been painting, so I also gave him the Star of Alladore on his hat. Kind of a giveaway to those in the know, but I did want to have a figure I could use, when it is all said and done.

Anyway, congratulations to Teras of Geek Nation Tours, who won fair-and-square (even if he should have lost points for his rubbish trash-talking throughout the contest). I’ll be bringing a can of the good stuff with me to Tallinn next year.

In many ways, for me, this little contest was the first step on the road to the Geek Nations Frostgrave Immersion Tour in Tallinn next year. Now that I’ve painted up my tour figure, I can turn my attention to the new warband I’ll be bringing with me. I believe we are going to set-up a little Facebook group for tour participants so we can discuss scenarios, what rules we want to use, and start the trash-talking early there. I will, of course, be showing off my figures here as well.

Can’t believe I missed out on the maple syrup…


  1. Time to hitch up those big boy pants and not blub !!!

  2. It was actually the freehand that convinced me to vote for the one from Geek Nation.
    There is no shame in defeat, just use it as nudge to to better next time :).

  3. To be honest I like the robes and hat of your model better than #2, I think the freehand isn't what gave your opponent the edge, I voted for 2 because I think he nailed the face and the potion of syrup which are the two most important parts of the mini!
    But then I'm not a pro painter or critic.