Tuesday 18 June 2019


Here is my recently finished Catapult mech. It’s another of the plastic mechs from the new Battletech box set. The Catapult has never been my favourite mech design, but I must admit that this is my favourite version in miniature. I painted it with my – take my time, try to get it as nice as possible – paint style, and am happy with the results. 

Thankfully, these new mechs with all of their separate armour plates really works well with my black-lining.

Not only is this mech painted in the colours of my Firehawks Legion, it is the first mech to sport the new legion logo. I got several sheets of these decals from Fighting Pirannha Graphics. Technically, the logo belongs to a mercenary group called the ‘Black Outlaws’, but it definitely looks like a Firehawk to me. I have also gone back and applied a couple to the Awesome mech I painted awhile back, but the photos I took had too much glare to make out the decal!

In fact, I went a little decal crazy on this figure, and even applied a few different ones to the tops of the missile launchers, which provides some nice visual interest when seem from above – which is actually pretty common on a tabletop.

I am now patiently awaiting the release of the new edition of Battletech: Alpha Strike which is supposedly coming sometime this year!


  1. Great work mate, lovely brushwork! Alpha Strike Commander's Edition is supposed to have a street date of the first half of July, so not far away at all!!!

    Are you aware of the Clan Invasion Kickstarter that Catalyst Game Labs are running in the 17th July? A crap load of Clan and more Inner Sphere Mechs made to the same high standards as the plastic ones from the recent new box sets

    1. Is that what Clan Invasion is? I thought it was something to do with the video game. Okay, now I'm interested - I'll keep my eye out. Catalyst haven't always been the greatest at hitting their release dates, so while I am very much looking forward to AS:CE, I'm trying to not get too excited.

  2. Terrific looking catapult Joe.
    I've never played Alpha Strike but in Classic BT he ticks a lot of my boxes.

    If you want more info about the clan war, you can see more models over here: