Monday, 8 July 2019

Revisiting the Deadlands

Throughout the year, I am slowly revisiting some of the games that helped create and replenish my love of gaming and that have spurred me on to my own creative journey. Lately, I have been re-reading Deadlands. 

I was in university at UNC, working at a dingy, but wonderful gaming store called Cerebral Hobbies, when Deadlands hit the market. To me, it came crashing in like a tidal wave. Not since my earliest days of gaming had I been so completely blown away by a new book, a new setting, a new ruleset. For me, it was revolutionary.

The original Deadlands had an amazing run. It even sparked a miniature wargame spin-off called The Great Rail Wars. Years later, the whole Deadlands system would be re-imagined, using a lot of the mechanics from Great Rail Wars, into a new generic system called Savage Worlds. This wonderfully simple, fast-paced, role-playing game remains one of my favourites.

I’ve had so much fun revisiting Deadlands that I wanted to paint a few figures to go with it. Thus, the above. This figure is actually from the Dracula’s America range, but fits right into Deadlands as well.

I might just have to bust out a character sheet and stat this guy up!


  1. Ah, Deadlands. Still one of my favourite settings. I like the paintjob too!

  2. I think many of the Dracula's Americas fig's, would work great for a dead lands setting.

  3. Great job on the mini, he looks a bit like a pirate, an interesting character for Deadlands.
    While I like the setting I've never played the Wild West version, only the post-apocalypse one.

  4. Deadlands is basically a post-apocalyptic setting where the apocalypse happened to occur in the 19th century. The atmosphere is very similar. Great game.

    "Dingy" is being kind to Cerebral Hobbies. But it was always spotless on Tuesdays.

  5. Not much of an RPG fan but had a great time playing Deadlands. My character Gary Wilde made quite a lasting impression. Probably the best DM I've gamed with too. Makes such a difference.