Monday, 22 July 2019


Sometimes, I’m just in the mood to paint something swash-buckley. Thankfully, when the mood struck, I had this figure ready to go. It’s the swordmaster from Ghost Archipelago: Gods of Fire. It was sculpted by Bobby Jackson, based on artwork in the book.

Much like the artwork, the figure is slight, and probably one of the smaller figures I’ve worked on in while. Combine that with a lot of detail, must notably the fancy sleeves, and it was quite a challenge. As always, the answer was to just take it colour by colour and not to rush it. I didn’t use any fancy techniques, just a bit of layering, inking, and dry-brushing, along with a very small brush (10/0) for a lot of it.

I’m glad to add this one to the collection as I think she suspect she'll appear in more games that just Ghost Archipelago!