Thursday, 25 July 2019


Here is another figure I have painted for use in weird west role-playing games, possibly Deadlands, although I’m also interested in SagasSix-guns.

It's not the best photograph, for which I apologize. 

I’m not sure why gravediggers have such an association with the Old West. One assumes that one person = one grave is a pretty common formula for many historical periods. Although, it perhaps makes more sense in a weird west setting. In fact, I have a gravedigger character who has appeared in several weird tales I have written over the years.

This figure is another one from the Dracula’s America range, sculpted by Mike Owen. As usual, I find Mike’s sculpts a real joy to paint. I didn’t intend to go with a black and red colour scheme, but after I painted the red belt over the black primer, I thought it looked pretty sharp and decided to go with it. The black also contrasts nicely with his pale skin.

It was a quick paint-job, but it came out look great. A nice one to add to the collection


  1. Looks good, man! I've got the 'jumpstart' for Sagas & Six-Guns (free on DTRPG) - it looks like fun. Plus, it's Gallant Knight, and they don't do bad RPGs...

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  3. Edit: Sorry, I messed up.

    I'm sure that Dracula's America it's an excuse for making unofficial Deadlands miniatures...

    And I love it.

    1. Dracula's America is a full miniatures game in its own right - with a couple of expansions. I just happen to want the figures more for role-playing possibilities.