Tuesday 26 November 2019

Pumpkin Stems! (Frozen Trees!)

When we picked out the Halloween pumpkins this year, I was delighted to see that they had longer stems that normal. (We got them from a farm instead of the supermarket). Even before the pumpkins were carved, I had plans for those stems.

After Halloween, I dried the stems out on the radiator for a couple of weeks; then I went to work.

Actually, it wasn’t that much work. I glued them to a base, painted a few different shades of brown and grey on them, then sprinkled with fake snow.

I think they are really effective. Much more ‘organic’ looking that most commercially available tree stumps.

For the scenarios in the Frostgrave Tour next year, I’m going to need a couple of trees. Well, here are mine!


  1. They do look fantastic! I tend to save the wood bits I find in my sunflower seeds to use as well!

  2. I missed snagging and stems from Halloween's bounty. I'll try to remember for next year.

  3. Hey Joseph,

    Can I have your permission to use that pick in my next Table of Tinkering column in Bexim's Bazaar?

    1. Yes. It would be nice if you mentioned that you saw it on this blog.

  4. Incredibly effective, l must give this a gonnext year.

  5. Very clever, they're perfect.