Wednesday 8 April 2020

An Online Wargame Convention?!?

This weekend I will be hanging out at PATMOCON, the online wargaming convention. During that time I'll be talking about my games: Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep, and Oathmark. I also, hopefully, will have the chance to check out the virtual vendors hall, as well has have a peak in at what all of the other participants are up to.

For more information about the whole convention, and buying tickets, click here.

Below is my official schedule for the weekend. Now, I'll admit, I'm not exactly sure what form each of these events is going to take, as I'm still working out the technology, and it may depend somewhat on how many people show up. Still, I'm going to try and make myself available and see if we can have some fun.

All of these times are GMT. Some of the material will be archived however, so that it is accessible at any point during the convention.


11AM – 12PM: Oathmark Chat and Question and Answer session.

2PM – 3PM: Frostgrave: 2nd Edition – Secrets Revealed


11AM – 12PM: Live Show (I'll be talking with the host on the 'main stage')

2PM – 3PM: Rangers of Shadow Deep Hangout

I'm seriously hoping there is going to be a T-Shirt!


  1. Entered this into my planning. Cheers. FG 2nd edition is marked 'top priority' for me.

  2. looks fun - might not be able to do too much live due to family stuff - but its anly a few quid so if I can access content a bit later and the swag bag has a couple of useful goodies it will be worth it.

  3. Interesting concept. I love that you're going to talk about Frostgrave 2.0!!!