Wednesday 1 April 2020

The Quiet Launch of Oathmark

My fantasy battle game, Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age is now available to order from North Star MilitaryFigures. They are packing them up and shipping them out as we speak.

It’s all so different than it was planned. I was supposed to travel to Ireland to shoot videos with Beast of War. I was supposed to go to Adepticon to talk it up. It was supposed to launch at Salute with glorious fanfare. The Salute launch was to be accompanied by all kinds of new figures, special deals, online sales, etc.

But… well, you know the ‘but’. Planes were grounded, travel cancelled, all of the shows postponed. The London ExCel, where Salute is held, is currently being converted into a massive hospital. That fact kind of puts my complaints and disappointments into perspective.

Still, life and games must go on, and our hobbies remain important outlets for relieving stress and finding fun and happiness, especially as so many of us are forced to stay inside most of the time.

If you are interested in Oathmark, and want it sooner rather than later, you are probably best off ordering it from North Star.

If you are just hearing about the game, there is lots of information, and even a few battle reports on the Osprey Games Blog


  1. Not the best of times as you say, but I wish the rules all success. They seem like a breath of fresh air to be honest.

  2. Sorry it didn't go as planned. Would have been awesome. I think the game will do well. Stay safe and thanks for writing good rules.

  3. I preordered directly from Osprey. I wonder if that will mean shipment sooner or later...

  4. Hope the launch goes well despite the difficult times 🙂

  5. Already ordered.. don’t worry.. you can make noise about it when this is over !
    All the best.. eager to get my book..

    Francisco Erize

  6. Book ordered! It might actually be a good time. People need some good books to read now :) and will have time to plan their armies.

  7. I was expecting a Nickstarter for this; maybe with some deals on the minis; though I guess that the boxes of minis are already a ridiculously good deal. I do like the idea that you haven't gone for mono-race armies; allowing players to mix and match. It is like the early days of Mantic's games. I wonder if, as the ranges expand, the rules will be rewritten to create mono-race army lists. I'd feel it was a shame if that happened.

    All the best with this game gaining traction, and hopefully Frostgrave 2.0 will launch in to a better climate.

  8. Well, what do I do during this non quarantine/lockdown unemployed time? Get a new set of rules from Joseph McCullough? Why not!

  9. Follow up Joseph, if I may? I was wondering after reading a few reviews and hearing your interview with Henry Hyde, Why do the orcs and goblin armies for example, fight in ranks? I get the mechanics and all but, it looks too ordered.

    1. Think it depends on your flavour of fantasy how intelegent/feral they are. But for tidyness it's understandable. The earlier Warhammer editions mixed rules for skirmishers Vs rank and file. An let me tell you the rules bogged it right down. Keep it simple an game flows better.

  10. Note onto my last post: the rain of knives spell text may also mean to make a shoot attack as if the firing model has a shoot stat of zero...i realize that now after discussion...

  11. Got my copy. Look forward to trying it. Must admit so far I'm missing the darkness of the undead and summoning of demons. Though I do trust you. An trust they are on the way.

  12. Have to say I would love to see a force in this game based on D&D encounters. A mercenary force of Kobolds, Bugbears(Line breakers) and Knolls. Northstar already do a nice knoll set.
    Would make a very different line up. We could give the goblin green paint a rest. As well as building an army you would be building up some dungeon encounters. Just a suggestion. Would look rather good I think.
    Sneaking a geltenous cube or Beholder in might invite legal actions though. Take care lol