Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Tidal Lurker

This is another, recent Reaper Bones purchase. Apart from a somewhat warped base, he’s a wonderful figure. Painting was a breeze as he’s basically all layered purple/pink and a bunch of washes. I got him to serve as the main threat in my introductory undersea adventure.

While I still want to add some stuff to my ‘general undersea terrain’ collection, I think I’ve got enough to get started with. So, now it is on to working out some rules and coming up with that first scenario!

And I remembered a size-comparison shot this time!


  1. That looks awesome! Wonderfully nonstandard - exactly what I expect from you.

  2. He looks great! The pale green eyes contrast very nicely with the deep pink.

  3. Figures like this make great Demons. Kinda looks like a cross between a crab & Anhkeg, with the added Lovcraftian tentacles. Nice work on him Joe!

  4. That's a cool mini; very C'thonic.