Wednesday 15 April 2020

Rock Troll!

The last time I made an order with Reaper miniatures, I just couldn't resist picking this guy up as well. The figure just has so much character. I love the expression on the face. I love the stance.

I have no specific need for him, but then trolls do seem to feature in my life quite a bit...  I'm sure he'll make it into a game of Frostgrave or Ghost Archipelago or Rangers.  In fact, I might even use him as a giant in Oathmark.

I realize now I should have photographed him with another figure to show off just how big he is. For example, most of my rangers come up to right around the top of his belt...

I'm not sure I completely pulled off the painting of the crystals. I didn't want to make them look too jarring with the rest of the model. Still, I had fun painting it, and I like the finished product well enough, so I'm going to call it a success!


  1. Trolls are somehow friggin cool, aren't they? They are so prominent in many cultures mythology, that it's hard to believe they're fiction.

    As for the ice crystals, they turned out nice. If you want to make them look a bit more solid, you could highlight the edges of them almost white.

  2. Reminds me of that great movie 'Trollhunter'- on net flicks if you have not had the pleasure. Really captures the old school stories about trolls. But updates them really well too. It's a great movie. With a real B movie feel to it.