Thursday, 9 April 2020

Spellcaster 6 is now Available!

Need some new Frostgrave scenarios to play? Need some new solo material to try out? Need giant tortoises? You are in luck. The new issue of Spellcaster contains all of that and more.

It is currently available as a PDF from DriveThruRPG. Print-on-demand will hopefully follow soon, but may take a bit longer in these uncertain times.  

The new issue includes:

* Swords Against the Slime Lord – A 4-scenario Frostgrave mini-campaign.
* The Frostgrave Immersion Tour pack – including 6 unique scenarios.
* Standing in the Eye – A one-off Frostgrave scenario.
* Warriors of Athena - Using the Frostgrave rules for playing solo Greek Myth games, including 2 scenarios.
* The Witch of Mount Gramos – A 3-scenario mini-campaign for Warriors of Athena.
* Giant Tortoises in Ghost Archipelago – Rules for mounts and pack tortoises as well as a solo scenario.
* Eye Demons in Frostgrave – Rules for eye demons, plus a new scenario


  1. This certainly is packed with content

  2. Is this coming out on kindle?

    1. Unfortunately, not. Amazon's pricing policies are making it impossible for me.

  3. Looking forward to buying this! I always let a few things stack up before ordering (because of the shipping costs). I still have to get the last issue and the last 2 Rangers expansions.

  4. Great Khan Artist11 April 2020 at 10:00

    I'm enjoying this immensely. I really liked the variety of photos in this one, not just the Frostgrave stock images from the rule books. I'd like to request more kingdom favours in the next issue; they don't have the variation the tribes do.