Tuesday 9 February 2021



Gale Force 9 recently released a new board game based on the Aliens franchise. Of more interest to me, they made the aliens figures for the game available separately. I picked up a box of Alien warriors (12) and a Queen, figuring they would be perfect for  Operation: Last Train and Stargrave. Especially for the first Stargrave supplement: Quarantine 37.

The figures are made of hard plastic and take modelling glue well. Assembly was relatively easy – except for the tails, which were a serious pain. The tail join is poorly designed, but I eventually got around the problem through the employment of ‘lots of glue’. The Queen went together with no problems. (Side note – board gamers must have gotten a lot better at assembling figures over the years if this is really marketed at them…)

Considering aliens are supposed to be gloss black - and the figures are cast in gloss black plastic - I couldn’t see much point in really painting them. Instead, I picked out the teeth and claws, painted some grey on the bases, and called them done. I didn’t bother to prime them, and I’m not going to bother to varnish them. The sculpting/casting is great though, so they look fantastic.

On the one hand, this all means I added a good little force of aliens for very minimal effort. On the other hand, it means that I got no real enjoyment out of assembling or painting these figures. So, I need to make sure they get some more table-time to earn their keep.

Still, some nice ones to have in the collection.



  1. I believe I see some napoleonics waiting for paint in the background. Cool minis.

    1. Yup, that's unit 3 of the Imagi-Nation waiting their turn!

  2. How many aliens would I need for Q-37? I'm hoping the Horrorclix I already have will be enough, as they are quite nice and sadly don't look to mix well with the GF9 models.

  3. I can't remember off the top of my head, but I suspect 10 will be enough, maybe more than enough, as they don't tend to stay on the table that long.

  4. "the employment of ‘lots of glue’", we've all benn there.

  5. Napoleonics vs aliens ?

    There's nothing quite like mashing genres for a beer and pretzels game.

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