Friday 26 February 2021

The Boys in Blue


I have always been a 'Miniatures First' wargamer. By which I mean, I tend to buy miniatures that I think are cool, and then I worry about what I'm going to do with them. Maybe I'll find (or write) a game to use them for, but maybe I won't. 

I recently pulled this cop car out of my son's somewhat neglected car collection. Then I remembered the line of 20mm figures that North Star has been creating for Gaslands, and bought the 'Highway Patrol' pack. Now, of course, Gaslands doesn't actually have any rules for figures on foot (and I'm assured that it never will!). 

So, what are these guys for? Well, just for fun really. I had fun painting them. They look cool standing next to their car. One day I might use them for some Car Wars style game, or I might not.

The figure pack actually came with 5 figures, including a plain-clothes detective type. I had a lot of trouble painting him and realized the problem was that I didn't really care about him. He didn't fit with my little team. So I dropped him.

Sometimes it's nice to paint a few miniatures just for the heck of it.


  1. I like the figures and I like the sentiment. To paint a little of what attracts is kinder than slogging through a lot of things that don't excite. This little Gaslands range is intriguing. Great post.


  2. I have so many little painted side distractions like this I've lost count.

  3. Aren't those Mark Copplestone minis? He has such a great eye for creating a stylised mini with a strong silhouette. His minis are a pleasure to paint. I think I've got some of these left over from Dark Future. I like the paint job you've given them, and that's a cool Corporate Cop style prowl car.

  4. I love your philosophy of buy cool minis without worrying about how you will use them.

    You made a good work with the painting of these guys.

  5. There are rules for figures on foot on WI 386!