Thursday 25 February 2021

Zombie Herdsmen

I once wrote a book about weapons and tactics to use when fighting zombies, but what if you are fighting on the same side as the zombies?

Continuing my work on my Tox Troopers, I recently finished up these to guys. I'm not 100% sure what they are supposed to be, but I'm going to use them as 'Zombie Herdsmen'. 

In truth, I don't suppose fire would be much use in herding zombies, but it could be an extremely effective weapon used in conjunction with them. Think about it. You advance behind your shield of undead, then, when you get close to the enemy, you open up with a flamethrower. You can fire straight through your own troops. I mean, if the flames don't destroy them, you've just turned them into 'flaming zombies' which is even better - in the short term anyway.  

So, that's what these guys are for.  Fun models to paint.


  1. Nice one Joe, I like the flames and also the script on the cowl. Truth be told I have no idea what these are either, but I think you've rationalised the design perfectly as zombie herdsmen.