Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Frostgrave Nickstater is Up and Running!

So here it is, your first chance to pre-order the Frostgrave book along with the miniatures! Nick over at North Star Miniatures (who are co-producing the Frostgrave miniatures with Osprey Games) have set up a 'Nickstater' pre-order program.

There are five different pre-order levels available, which should cater to just about everyone's interest level. For those who just want to have a look, you can pick up the book and get six free resin treasure tokens for just £15! I know I am a rather biased observer, but seriously, is that not the best deal currently going in wargaming?

Probably the most popular choice will be level 3. At this level you get the book, the treasure tokens, a wizard and apprentice pack of your choice and a box of 20 plastic soldier figures for £40. Not only that, but you will be eligible for certain bonuses if the Nickstater hits certain success levels. In fact, it has already hit the first one, meaning everyone who has ordered a level 3 or higher package is getting a free metal treasure chest miniature!

Anyway, you can check out the whole Nickstater page here.
Those in the US can order a Nickstarter package through Brigade Games.

It's really amazing and wonderful to see people getting really excited and interested in something I created.


  1. Possible supplements
    1) other races - dwarves, elves, goblins, dragons
    2) ratmen and the under-city - sewers
    3) suburbs - herbalists, witches, druids
    4) before the big freeze - militia, citizens, collage of magic as a running defence

  2. How does the game handle multiplayer? or doesn't it?

  3. The game can handle multiple players. If using four players, I would suggest using at least a 4 x 4 table. More than four might get a bit messy, but is theoretically possible.

    1. Cool, I'm sure we'll work it out, there seems to be a high level of interest at our club for the game and we've had some really successful Mordheim campaigns with 5 or 6 players before but haven't found any other fantasy type games that have had a decent campaign so we'll be trying it out.