Tuesday 11 June 2019

Let the Voting Commence!

Last week, Teras, of Geek Nation Tours, challenged me to a one-on-one painting contest. We would both have one week to paint up St. Albertus Magnus, the figure that is being given away as part of the Frostgrave Immersion Tour.  Well, we have both finished, and the results can be seen here --->.

It’s now up to you to decide the winner. To vote, simply leave a comment saying ‘1’ or ‘2’, so we know which is your favourite. Voting will also be taking place on the Frostgrave Facebook page. You have until Friday, 12PM, GMT to vote, at which point I will compile the votes and declare the winner!

And remember, people, there is syrup at stake.

(In retrospect, if I had known how much Teras likes syrup, I might never have entered this challenge…).

Side note – If I lose, I will likely be grumpy and release an official errata that changes the Frostgrave survival table so that wizards and apprentices die on a roll of 1-10…just saying.

Thankfully, I have just finished reading the book - Rejection Proof, so I should be able to handle the results...


  1. 2! Who doesn't love freehand!?

  2. 2. I love the trees for the syrup challenge.

  3. Hard to choose. 1 is cleaner overall, 2 has great freehand work.

    I gotta go 2. It just pops so much.