Tuesday 5 March 2019

Draconis Combine Thunderbirds!

Following on from yesterday’s post, I painted up a couple of Thunderbirds as the start of my ‘opposition force’.  Again I went with a basic colour scheme that has more to do with speed than detail. Still, I think it looks alright.

I gave these guy little Draconis Combine decals because they are one of the traditional enemies of the Federated Suns and because I had the decals…  They are so small, I think I managed to get one of them upside down, but you have to look very close to be able to tell.

The six fighters I’ve painted over the last two days give me enough to play out the first introductory scenario in the original Silent Death box set, and I’m hoping to give it a go tonight.


  1. NeoClassicalNerd7 March 2019 at 04:31

    Joe, you are a bad man! First, you hooked me on RoSD, which has seen me frantically building terrain and painting minis. Next, you piqued my interest in Battletech, so I got the starter set and played a couple of games (it's amazing!), giving me 8 giant robots to paint and more scenery to build. And now I own a copy of SD New Millennium and 48 mini star ships! Please don't post about any other miniatures games for a while, my wallet(and free time) can't take the beating!

  2. Err.. don't look at the blog tomorrow...

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