Friday 22 March 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep: Temple of Madness

Temple of Madness, the latest supplement for Rangers of Shadow Deep is now available.

You can get the PDF Here.

The Kindle version will be released tomorrow.

I am awaiting proofs on the print-on-demand edition. All going well, this is about two weeks away, although delays are possible.

So what’s included? First-and-foremost a new 4-scenario mission for Level 5 – 15 Rangers. This mission makes extensive use of notes so there is lots of ‘hidden’ information for the players to potentially discover.

The book also contains expanded rules for magic, most notably increasing the number of different spells available to Rangers to 30, as well as new Heroic Actions, companions, and equipment. Nothing that changes the game in any fundamental way, but really just giving players a lot more options when dealing with magic.

Plus lots more awesome artwork by Barrett Stanley!


  1. Sounds good!
    How many pages does the book count?
    If it's too many I'll probably pick up the printed version.

  2. Hi the gamers
    I'm happy to know this game.
    With my friends, we are building our first houses for the first scenario.
    Hoo I was going to forget, we are Belgian. You can follow us on this forum
    I'm sorry for my english, I know it's catastrophic. ^^
    I write here to ask a question.

    Will we have the chance to know a french version?

    Thank you for this game Joseph and thank you for your reply

    1. I am talking to someone about a French version. I think it is very likely, but probably not for awhile.

  3. hihihi,

    I know, It's my friends.

    I contacte you by messenger to speak in privacy ^^.

    see you soon

  4. Is it possible to get hard copies of your books from Lulu? Printing on demand from drivethrurpg has all sorts of getting across the border problems.

    1. Getting across which border?

    2. Canada. The price for a hard copy is high enough that there are often additional broker fees from the shipping company. Sometime you get a call saying "pay our gouge fee on top of the shipping charge or all the books go back". Lulu has POD in Canada, so no border hassle.

    3. Honestly one of the reasons I have not order yet. I want a physical copy and getting stuff to Canada from the States is stupid pricey.

      A lot of cases it is cheaper to order from UK or Europe don't seem to get hit with same duties.

  5. Very excited about this release. I can’t wait till the print on demand is ready because I like paper.