Friday 15 March 2019

Sgt. Kalem Vickers (Operation: Last Train)

I have finished my first volunteer for Operation: Last Train, Sgt. Kalem Vickers. I built him out of pieces from several places. The legs come from Anvil Industries. The toros, arms, and weapon are Forge World, and the head and grenades are plastic Games Workshop pieces.

Sgt. Vickers is a member of the 144th Horvex Urban Light Infantry regiment. During the battle of Isiks City, the 144th suffered an appalling 87% casualties. While the regiment wasn’t officially disbanded, all of its remaining able-bodied soldiers were transferred to other units. The 144th became a paper regiment containing only those soldiers from the unit that were too badly wounded to quickly return to active service. Among those was Kalem Vickers.

Having lost a leg during the battle, Vickers received a quick, military-grade replacement. However, even with modern technology, new-limb integration takes time. Now ready to return to service, Vickers finds himself without a home. Seeing Operation: Last Train as an opportunity to perform one last useful service as well as the only way to remain in the unit he loves, he volunteered immediately.

Twice commended for cool-thinking under fire, Vickers has a reputation as a master of small-unit tactics. He is also qualified to drive most military APCs. With his new bionic functioning at 98% efficiency, he is once again able to move quickly through an urban battlefield.

In game terms, St. Kalem Vickers is a member of a Light Infantry Unit and equipped with a rifle.

I gave Vickers a pretty simple paint job. I want my first few figures to be relatively normal-looking sci-fi soldiers, so I have a core that I can use for any game and not have them look too outlandish together. The green and grey provide a nice contrast (even if you can’t see that much of the armour from the front) and this is helped by the bionic leg. I put two decals on him. His unit number can be found on the decal sheet in any of the Cadian box-sets. The little skull and cross-bones on his left should comes from the Robotech Tactics box set.

All-and-all, I’m pretty pleased with my first volunteer!


  1. Nice model, the pieces fit together like a glove.

  2. Nice! I love the bionic leg. I have been perusing some 15mm models, particularly some of the stuff from Khurasan models, for use in this game. My table space is a bit limited at the moment, so a smaller scale would be helpful. Considering their H.R. Giger-style Alien models for the bugs.

  3. Khurasan have some really nice 15s!

  4. That a nice and neat bit of kitbashing. I like his fluff too, One down; only 99 more to go :D

  5. Great Conversion.
    I like his fleshed out backstory, that explains the bionic leg and how he got involved with the mission.