Monday, 25 March 2019

Pvt. Heronimo Berrera

I have finished up my second volunteer for Operation: Last Train. This figure is constructed completely out of parts from Anvil Industries ‘Regiments’ range. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about this range.

Heronimo is a member of the 72nd Torredine ‘Night Rangers’. They are a rifle-regiment that specialize in night fighting and engagements on low-light battlefields, such as the dark side of moons or de-powered installations.

With just two years of service, Heronimo is a relative ‘rookie’, at least compared to most of the volunteers accepted for the Operation. Despite that, his willingness to get ‘stuck in’ and his all-around good humour have made him a popular addition.

Coming from a staunchly Christian family, Berrera felt a calling to join Operation: Last Train, and always wears the sign of the cross into battle.

One of my goals as I paint up my volunteers is to really experiment with different colour schemes and paint jobs, hence the blue armour worn by Heronimo. After my first pass at painting the figure, I thought it was looking a bit plain. So I went back and gave him urban camouflage trousers, and painted some white details here and there - his unit numbers, a few ‘kill markers’ on is helmet, and the cross on his knee pad. I didn’t have a story for him while I was painting, but adding the flourish of the cross started for bring his story out.

Anyway, I think he’s come out rather well, and he’s ready to make his first drop!


  1. Anvil Industries rocks my world.

  2. +1 Anvil Industry rocks my world! My volunteers will be a combo of my kit-bashed Infinity Ariadna (featuring several figures built from Anvil Industry regiments) and my Imperial Guard/Astra Militarium Kill Team, the Injurious B'Astrards, which is built enitrely from Anvil Industry regiments (except for a few heads from Puppetswar, another excellent independent minis company, based out of Poland).

  3. Also: I'm currently working on my dropship, a modified GI Joe Sigma Six Dragonhawk Dropship made to look 28mm. It's gonna rock...