Tuesday 26 March 2019

Night Hawks

I'm continuing to paint up figures to play through the scenarios in the original Silent Death box. This time it's a flight of 'Night Hawks'.  These are scary fighters in the game, each mounts six forward facing cannons that give it a huge offensive punch.  However, this offensive ability is somewhat offset by their vulnerability to torpedoes. Hey, you can't have it all.

I've actually painted four of them, but one of them was flying a patrol at the time of photography.

Again, I've painted them up to match my 'Fire Hawks Legion' and given them Federate Suns decals, because they just look cool!


  1. Night Hawk was my favorite small ship. They definitely punch above their weight.

    Loving the Silent Death series Joe. I really liked that game and really wish I had not sold off my copy and all of my old school ships like these. The newer line they made that was all curvy were not nearly as good IMO.

    1. Brian, all of the old metal versions are still available, they just gave them new names.